Healthy competition in the market is the basis for efficient economic functioning, which may be constrained by some corporate behaviours but enhanced by others, and the distinction between the two is often not clear.

The analysis of market processes and the management of competition issues require a complex and dynamic approach, and a high level of economic and competition law expertise. Infrapont is an experienced competition policy and economics expert in competition policy, providing analysis to underpin and support competition law assessments and taking an active role in research on competition issues.


For sectoral and competition regulatory institutions

  • Lessons from postal market opening - the effects of liberalisation on competition and the barriers to effective competition
  • Specificities of the professional indemnity insurance market in Hungary
  • Competition law issues in aftermarkets
  • Addressing price discrimination in sectoral and competition regulation
  • Tackling excessive pricing in the practice of competition authorities
  • The issue of unbundling and the impact of its implementation on competition and industry functioning in network industries, with particular reference to telecommunications

For market players

  • Expert analysis and advice in competition cases, in relation to specific proceedings and in preliminary assessments
  • Identification of relevant relevant markets from a competition policy perspective
  • Assessing market power on the basis of shares and other factors in terms of exemption thresholds and dominance
  • Identification and assessment of past effects of agreements and unilateral conduct on competition
  • Identification and assessment of future effects of mergers on competition, quantification of their efficiencies
  • Providing expert opinions in litigation
We regularly work with the competition teams of major international law firms.
  • Bán, S. Szabó & Partners Law Firm
  • Bird&Bird LLP
  • CMS Cameron McKenna LLP
  • Deloitte Hungary
  • Dentons Réczicza Law Firm
  • DLA Piper
  • Morlen Allen & Overy Law Firm
  • Oppenheim Law Firm
  • Szecskay Attorneys at Law


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