Infrapont has a long standing consultancy experience in the telecom sector from the very beginning of the liberalization. By supporting the government, the regulator and market players we covered a wide range of issues from building company or industrial strategy, supporting the establishment of the new legal rules and the market structure, through auction design and entry assistance, to regulation of specific markets. Infrapont is committed to the approach that the competition and regulatory issues of the sector must be based on empirically and methodologically sound economic thinking. We give the best to our clients on many fields like strategic or regulatory market analysis, business and regulatory modeling, business or policy impact analysis, business planning and enhanced market research in all of the market segments.

  • For government institutions

    • Participation in the preparation of:
      • frequency tender for broadband services (2014)
      • 900Mhz spectrum auction (2012)
      • UMTS tender (2004)
      • DCS 1800 tender (1999)
      • The implementation of the Better Regulation and the Citizens Directive under the New Regulatory Framework (2010)
      • The Electronic Communications Acts of 2003
      • The Communications Acts of 2001
    • Consultancy in preparation of industry strategies and impact analysis of the new legislations
    • Examination of Universal Service and the Issue of Affordability in Different Sectors (2000)
  • For sectoral and competition regulatory institutions

  • For market players

    • Strategic market-analysis
    • Business planning
    • Regulatory-strategy
    • Creating and evaluating a business plan
    • Business modeling for strategic planning
    • Market entry strategy
    • Product any service development, examination of technical, economic, market and regulatory impacts
    • Competitive assessment, competitive strategy
    • Competition cases
    • Expert support in legal disputes
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