Analysis of Large-Screen Mobile Broadband Prices in the EU – 2015

As a sequel to the 2014 study, Infrapont prepared a comprehensive quantitative analysis of large-screen mobile broadband prices in Europe for 2015. The report is based on primary data collection that took place for the third time in March 2015. Our research covers plans offered by all mobile network operators in the 28 EU member states and all large-screen mobile broadband post-paid plans which were publicly advertised on operators’ websites. In total, 314 large-screen packages offered by 92 mobile network operators are examined.

The report only concerns the standalone offers for large-screen devices, laptops, notebooks with mobile sticks and data modems. Small-screen (smartphone) internet plans, which are typically offered in a package together with voice services, are not covered, as these are part of a different market segment of mobile broadband. The study does not cover services which were not advertised publicly, offers aimed at business users, prepaid plans and the offers of MVNOs and resellers.

The central theme of the study is the international comparison of large-screen mobile broadband prices in the EU. The study present results concerning the availability of offers with various data allowances and other features of the large-screen mobile broadband plans. In addition to the description of the European landscape, a more elaborate comparison based on the Large-Screen Mobile Broadband Comparative Price Index is presented and discussed.

Data from the previous two years also gives us the opportunity to examine the changes in the relative positions of the member states.

The abstract of the study with purchase information is available for download at the following link:
Abstract of the 2015 Large Screen Mobile Broadband Report