Report on Large-Screen Mobile Broadband Prices in the EU – 2016

As a sequel to the 2015 study, Infrapont prepared a comprehensive quantitative analysis of large-screen mobile broadband prices in Europe for 2016. The research was conducted in March 2016 and covers all publicly advertised post-paid contracts offered to residential customers in the 28 EU member states plus Norway and Switzerland, totaling 331 publicly available offers made by 96 European mobile network operators.

The aim was to draw a comparative picture of large-screen mobile broadband prices in the EU. The report presents the data on the availability of offers with various data allowances and other features of the large-screen mobile broadband plans alongside with the changes from the previous year. In addition to the depiction of the European landscape, a more elaborate comparison, based on the Large-Screen Mobile Broadband Comparative Price Index, is presented and discussed.

Based on the data from the previous years, the changes in the relative positions of the member states are also presented, especially for the group of countries where a market entry or a merger occurred during these years.

The abstract of the study with purchase information is available for download at the following link:
Abstract of the 2016 Large Screen Mobile Broadband Report